Control4 Home Automation Systems

Proven Benefits of Home Automation

It is possible to turn your home into an entertainment theatre for your family and friends to enjoy. Control 4 home automation can turn your house into a smart home where everything is driven by technology. Control4 is the best provider of an easy to use software interface that gives control over all your electronic devices.

Home-automation refers to networking of all electronic appliances and devices to get control over all home aspects. Home automation allows you to control when your device reacts, how it reacts and when to react. The only thing that you do is to set the schedule the devices. You can also change the settings from your handset whenever you desire.

Benefits of Control 4
Improve Safety through Lighting and Device Control
This is one of the most important benefits for automating your home. With just a touch of a button, you can control your lighting and a variety of other appliances. Home automation allows you to check if your kid turned off the iron or even confirm if the oven was switched off after use. This will prevent any accidental fire arising from electric surges in your home. The software installed ensures that you and your family are 100% from accidental electric fires.

Home Securing through Automated Doors and Gate locks
We have all at one time left our doors open when leaving for work or even rushing out to catch the bus and you forget to lock the door behind you. With an automated system in your house you can lock the doors with just one tap of your phone. Think of how much time and stress it will save you if can you do all this remotely. This system allows you to lock the door from the comfort of your office. In addition the system alerts you whenever someone enters your home, which you can then view the CCTV camera’s remotely to check who it is.

Keep Track of your Whole HomeControl4-Smartphone
At times things happen in our own backyards without us knowing. Control 4 home automation allows you to see every corner of your home with strategically placed cameras. You can be sure of the safety of your family due to the cameras allowing you to monitor all camera’s at any time from your phone, tablet or PC.

Remote Temperature Adjustment
We often forget to adjust the thermostat when leaving for work in the morning and end up coming back home to a very cold or hot house. This can be very frustrating since it takes a considerable amount of time for the house temperature to rise or reduce when adjusted, and can ramp up the heating bills. With an automated home system, you can easily adjust the thermostat from a remote location to your desired temperature just before you head home.

Save Time and Money
Imagine a scenario where you have to rush home every time to lock the door or adjust the thermostat, it would take time that you can put into doing more constructive work. With an automated home system, you can control all your appliances and other devices from your handset wherever you are. The system also saves energy costs because you can turn off appliances after you have left your home. With the system, you can turn on and off any connected device from your phone and save on valuable time and energy.

Home Monitoring
With home automation, you can always ensure that your children are safe. With security cameras installed in your home, you can keep track of your

With the digital world today, you can almost control each appliance device and appliance in your home from town or office. With the tight schedules running up and down we at times forget to turn off electric appliances from home when leaving for school or office. Energy costs can hike your bills in case you leave them running.

Control 4 home automation has developed a software to help you monitor your home in a smart way. Whether it’s closing window blinders, adjusting thermostats, turning off the television even locking the doors. All can be done with just one tap of your phone. Control4 provides affordable automation of music, lighting, security, video, energy management systems and thermostat through over 1,900 integrators. It is one of the most intelligent solutions for smart homes, work premises and schools.