The advent of technological advancement has provoked a substantial in our everyday lives. From mobile phones whose performances match those of computers to televisions that serve as hosts to the Internet, those things we once considered as science fiction have now become the norm. One particular industry in which technology has become more and more prevalent is the real estate sector. So, how exactly can home automation change our lives? This will be the main focus of this article.

1. Everything has become easier
There is now no need for a person to perambulate across the whole property if he ever forgot to turn off the lights. In fact, everything is connected in a smart home and this means that one can simply turn the lights out even if he is in a room on the opposite side of the house. All it takes to remotely gain access to lighting control over the entire property is a smartphone. One can even be required to make no effort at all by using automated lighting. With the latter, there is no need to control the lights as they can be set to automatically turn off or on in certain types of situation.

2. The whole house can become a multimedia hub
It is now possible to have speakers in every room of a house and control them all from one signle place. This can be done using a smartphone or the house’s countrol panel, and is especially convenient for people who like to impress their guests when hosting a party. This multi-room function is not only available for speakers, though. As a matter of fact, it also applies to televisions, but this requires a special type of TV that will be discussed below.

3. Smart TVs are a real game changer
Not so long ago, tech-savvy persons would connect computers to televisions in an attempt to simulate the former through the latter. There is no need to pretend anymore, as this fantasy has actually become a reality. Indeed, the smart TV is one of the best things to have happened to humanity in quite a long time, technologically speaking. For example, one can access the Internet or YouTube without even turning on the computer. Games and softwares can even be downloaded onto a smart TV.

4. Smart heating can help save energy
If one’s goal is to save energy, and thus money in the long run, that feature is a must-have. The way it works is the automated home contains a thermostat which constantly keeps track of how cold or hot the house is. It then adjusts the temperature accordingly as well as optimally. Very often, people tend to set the heater’s temperature too high, which is economically inefficient when considering the fact that the energy consumption is exponantially increased for every additional degree on the thermostat.

5. Smart blinds
After a long day at work, the first thing one wants to do when he gets back home is to lie down on the couch doing nothing. However, this does not last long sometimes as one has to get up as soon as he feels at ease to close the blinds due to a sun ray in the face. With home automation, this type of situation is not an issue anymore, as smart blinds can either be controlled remotely or be set to automatically close or open at a given time.

6. Increased security
Smart home automation can play an important role in the security of a house. For example, security systems, such as alarms, can be controlled remotely if one forgot to activate them before leaving. It is worth noting that this also applies to gates. As a further matter, the house is even more secure if it is equipped with smart security cameras as the latter can be commanded and monitored from afar.

7. It makes home more enjoyable

The human brain likes new things and turning a regular house into a smart one is one way of having a brand new house without moving. With the endless possibilites which become available with home automation, a simple house becomes an exciting place to be. It can be reinvented over and over again by just experiencing new features.

8. Save time
Time is the only thing that one cannot get back and a smart home makes sure that one does not even waste it in the first place. There are several appliances that can be connected, and thus be commanded with the house’s control panel. The dishwasher, washing machine and coffee machine, to name but a few, are examples of such devices.


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